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Ashbrook Engineering Ltd has been operating in Cullompton (in an extremely convenient location just off junction 28), for over 30 years.
Started by Peter Brookes, who is still an integral part of the company, in 1990, we have built up an enviable reputation for quality and reliability, earned through producing work of an excellent standard coupled with the honest advice and huge experience of a dedicated and extremely talented workforce.
Our varied range of machinery extends from traditional manual milling and turning equipment to multiple large capacity, CNC lathes and milling machines. Combined with some of the most skilled operators in the area, this allows us to produce anything from bespoke individual pieces, to small to medium sized batches with extreme accuracy and at competitive costs, whatever the customers’ application may be.
We currently supply sub-contract machining services to some amazing companies and organisations, including those in the Cryogenic, Medical, Oil and Gas, Vacuum Moulding and Marine sectors. For example, our work can be found in applications ranging from the most powerful laser in the world, Particle Accelerators such as the Large Hadron Collider, through the most sublime America’s Cup yachts and stylish classic cars, to local businesses who rely on us for everyday parts and components. Every single client, no matter what the application or part, is treated with the same care and attention.
To guarantee our clients quality at all levels, we are ISO9001 registered, have our own trained inspection staff and equipment and take pride in the small details, such as the use of silicone free coolants and training our own apprentices to high standards.
The majority of our work, although not as exotic as some of the examples above can be equally as challenging and we are able to process a huge variety of materials, from metals through to plastics and composites.
If you are looking to subcontract the production of some machined components, need a single repair or have a prototype needing design/manufacture, then we would love you to get in contact.  We are always happy to chat through your requirements, take a look at a drawings or CAD over email, or even for you to pop in for a chat – we would love the opportunity to help.